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The 5 Fret (Down) Rule

More Octave Patterns on the Guitar Fretboard In a previous post we discussed how various features of the way guitar strings are tuned lead to predictable patterns between the strings. A corollory of the previously mentioned “7 Fret Rule” is what we will now call the “5 Fret Rule”. All this rule says is that

The 7 Fret Rule

Octave Patterns on the Guitar Fretboard Here are several factors you need to understand about the guitar to appreciate the Octave Patterns on the Guitar Fretboard. First, each fret raises (or lowers) the pitch of a string by a semi-tone. Second, there are 12 semi-tones in an octave. So the 12th fret is the Octave

Pentatonic Shapes in the CAGED System

If you’ve heard about the CAGED System and you’re having difficulty trying to understand it, well, welcome to the club. The CAGED System is supposed to help guitar players understand the fretboard more completely. The problem is, it is confusing trying to figure out how exactly it is supposed to help you do that. Does