Behind the Scenes of George Ezra’s Budapest


Budapest was co-written by George Ezra and Joel Pott. They were nominated at the 2015 Ivor Novello Awards for British Composers for the hit song.

When asked how the lyrics came about in a 2014 interview with American Songwriter, Ezra explained that he can’t simply sit down and make himself create a song. This is how many other songwriters work, but he needs to be doing things to find inspiration.

Naturally, the duo wrote Budapest after George Ezra spent a month traveling by train around Europe. However, the song wasn’t actually about the Hungarian capital, as Ezra has never been there.

During his travels, he met up with others and wound up spending a late night partying. The next morning he was scheduled to be on a train to Budapest, but missed it since he was hungover. He wrote the song about being miles from Budapest because of his missed train.

The now famous hit single began as his first pass at writing a love song. He used the first three chords he ever learned in the song.

Budapest was released as the second single from the album Wanted on Voyage. It first became a hit on Italian radios in December 2013. Months later, in 2014, the song hit the charts in the United Kingdom. Then, in 2015, it reached the United States where it eventually peaked at number 32.

The practice track is here along with many other samples.

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